Service Overview

KompiTech Infrastructure Management

KompiTech has years of experience in helping clients with the management of mission-critical IT operation infrastructure components that are key to running successful businesses.


We provide around-the-clock monitoring, troubleshooting, parts replacement, maintenance, and support for LAN/WAN devices to customers all around the world.

With a number of certified cooperating partners and vendors, KompiTech Infrastructure Management services will ensure reduced risk of unplanned downtime to improve global agility, simplify management, and provide higher service availability at a lower cost.

Partners and Vendors

  • Cisco
  • Palo Alto
  • HP
  • Dell
  • Juniper

Systems Management

We provide installation, maintenance, and management services for servers, storage, printers, and employee devices like laptops/desktops and mobile devices, including the monitoring and notification of impending or actual failures, capacity issues, and other system and network events.

Our Managed Services center supports customers around the world 24/7 together with the team of skilled and trends-savvy IT system experts that forms the KompiTech’s enterprise-grade Systems Management service, safeguarding your business IT systems and environments.

You will eliminate the hassles and expenses associated with managing your systems and immediately see the benefits of cost-efficient, Systems Management solutions.

Managed Cloud Services

It’s time to embrace the cloud-first approach. Thanks to our long-standing experience of managing cloud services, we confidently take care of the seamless cloud infrastructure, leading its implementation and management moving forward.

With a fully scoped management plan, dedicated project management, cloud migration experts, and our committed service team to look after you. We can reassure you that you’re in safe hands.
Our in-house experts provide the following services:

  • Public and Private Cloud
  • Cloud Security
  • Cloud Backup
  • Cloud Migrations
  • Business Continuity in the Cloud
  • Cloud Support

“We have helped multiple organisations built their private cloud infrastructure, migrate into the cloud, provide a hybrid cloud solution, or have their entire infrastructure to run as a code in days.”

Why Migrate to Cloud?

Relying on legacy, on-premise systems can be expensive and risky. Cloud computing enables your team to access software on the internet as a service as well as store and share your business data in an ultra-secure, scalable infrastructure. Below are some reasons you should consider migrating your systems to the cloud.

Through migration to the cloud:

  • Your teams can work from anywhere,
  • You benefit from greater scalability: fast scaling of your systems and resources,
  • Improved disaster recovery,
  • Ease of management,
  • Reduced costs of maintaining the on-premise resources,
  • …and many more.

Start with partial IT Infrastructure Outsourcing

On KompiTech BLiTS ITSM Platform

  • You'll gain access to expert know-how, new technologies, and industry best practices.
  • Outsource your IT anywhere in the world through the BLiTS platform and we'll equip you
    with the right tools to manage everything centrally end-to-end, all in one place.
  • Custom pricing and Service Level Agreements (SLA) that are tailored to your needs.
  • Full access to our 24/7 Service Desk and a dedicated Service Manager.
  • Free BLiTS ITSM tool licensing fees to save money on your existing ticketing system.
  • Use the BLiTS ITSM Platform as a standalone ticketing system or integrate
    with your existing in-house ticketing system.
  • You will have the freedom to halt or expand outsourced services quickly based on satisfaction.
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